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Quick'n Computer Service, LTD is based in Lake Oswego and has been doing business in the Willamette valley since 1993.  We provide technical support and assistance to both Home Users and Small/Medium businesses.  By offering a WIDE variety of technical services, we are able to provide just about any service needed.  From cleaning spyware/viruses off of your home pc, to building and managing a business network.  There isn’t anything we wont do and can't fix! 

Sample of Services we provide -

  • Spyware/Virus Removal and restoration
  • Boot/Operating System Issues
  • Both hardwire and wireless network installation, support, and maintenance
  • Complete backup of PCs and off-site storage in a fireproof safe
  • PC building - configuration and installation, whether be home office, or small/medium business
  • PC Upgrades, does your pc seem to running slower and slower?
  • Smartphone/PDA - Support, Maintenance, and sales   (specializing in Treos)
  • CCTV - Setup, Support, and Maintenance
  • Home Theater - Installation, Setup and sales

Anything you need done, we can do it!


Quick'n Computer Service, Limited




For Immediate Desktop Support Please Contact us,

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Symantec™ On-line  Virus Check

Symantec™ Update to the LiveUpdate Program

Microsoft™ download of Anti-Spyware "Defender"

Microsoft™ Updates     ( Don't download  Internet Explorer 7  if you are using:
                                                   Quickbooks 2005 or below or HP Director Software )

Spybot™ Main Site -        HTTP

Ad-Aware™ Main Site -    FTP

SpywareBlaster™ -    HTTP

Useful Links
How to Delete the Contents of the Temporary Internet Files Folder

Click here for your Internet IP Address

Program to Stop Hijacking
Be-very Careful with this!

Norton™ Antivirus FREE removal tools

ValueWeb™ Server Status

Speed Test Links

PC PitStop™ Download Test

Speakeasy™ Download & Upload Test

Integra Telecom™ Speed Test

Additional Downloads

Startup Inspector™ for Windows                                      Adobe™  Downloads
                                                                                                                     Don't check the box for the toolbar !

         Microsoft™ Cleanup Utility                                    AutoRuns™ for Windows

Process Library™ - PC Process Information

Click here for pop3 email access via WEB

CPU-Z™ - PC Hardware Inspector    HTTP